‘Natasha is a great therapist, she gets stuck in and makes a difference.’ Mrs J Huws,  Kingstone

‘Libby listens and that’s what we hadn’t had before.’ Mr P Owen, Walsall

‘I find the therapists at Small Talk to be both knowledgeable and experts in their field’. Mrs R Ross,  Stafford

‘I have finally found someone who listens to me as parent and doesn’t make me feel as if i’m making it up.’ Mrs Austen, Stoke-on-Trent

‘I liked the way Libby handled Honey on channel 4’s Born Naughty, I wanted someone like that for my ‘Honey’.’ Mr Peters, Hereford

‘We are delighted we found Natasha at Small Talk and she’s done so much for Billy. he’s actually talking now!’ Mrs Osbourne, Newcastle

‘I can’t recommend the ladies at Small Talk enough, they’ve made such a  difference.’ Mrs Leyland, Tamworth




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