The Small Talk Parent Hub is a site for parents. All the latest research shows that parents are the biggest influence on their children’s progress even more than school or nursery. All parents want the best for their child but if they don’t know what that is, how can they do it?

The Small Talk Parent Hub is an exclusive membership site where you get to hang out with real live speech and language therapists, along with other parents who are dealing with the same issues as you. You’ll get access to expertise, advice, tips and practical strategies, as well as getting access to our network of experts.

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Here’s what you get when you join the club:

  • PERSONALLY ask your questions in our live Q & A sessions to get the help, support & advice you desperately want
  • FREE how-to therapy videos with us and other experts
  • REGULAR tips & strategies in the Facebook Group


  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook group where you can get support from other parents with the same struggles as you
  • One to one support from us in our exclusive Facebook group
  • EXCLUSIVE deals on all Speech Therapy Activities resources
  • FREE training webinars

Join today for just £9.99 a month


With an increasing lack of NHS speech therapy support, parents are seeking help for themselves but there are many cowboys, quacks and quick fixes that will not be helpful. The trouble is if we are desperate, we are vulnerable and more likely to choose these more readily available google cures.

We created this hub so we can guarantee appropriate up to date and evidence based advice and support.

The hub is run buy a team of expert speech and language therapists from Small Talk Speech & Language Therapy.

The Small Talk Parent Club is a community for parents who want to do the best they can for their children’s speech, language and communication.

You can browse as a free member but to take advantage of more help and support from a community of both qualified speech and language therapists and parents who really understand, join our exclusive membership for just £9.99 a month (see members page).

The exclusive members area is for parents to be able to come together to share their concerns, their stories both good and bad with people who really understand. Have a look at the page to see the benefits of joining our exclusive members support community at just £9.99 per month